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BREAKING NEWS! LinkedIn Talent Finder Account for Recruiters

LinkedIn will be announcing a new account very soon; the LinkedIn Talent Finder account. Price? 99 US$ per month.


This new account type, aimed at HR professionals and Recruiters, does not include any new features but offers more smart filters and possibilities to reach out interesting prospects. Some of these features include:

  1. Search for People; Turn on/off suggestions
  2. 25 InMails* ($250 value); response guaranteed, if you don’t get a reply in 7 days, you get the credit back.
  3. Search for talent within your groups; any LinkedIn member can join up to 50 groups. Only Talent Finder and Recruiter customers can narrow search to specific groups.
  4. Manage candidates with Profile Organizer; 50 folders
  5. 700 profiles per search and set up search alerts to find new candidates
  6. 10 alerts weekly to gain access to expanded profiles outside your network, helping you know more about the candidates you are researching.
  7. 8 powerful search filters can be used to search the entire LinkedIn network by years of experience, years at current company and much more.

The 8 Basic Talent Filters:

  • Years of Experience
  • Your Groups
  • Function
  • Recently Joined
  • Seniority Level
  • Company Size
  • Interested In
  • Fortune 100

LinkedIn released a new Job Seeker account in April 2010.

*Inmails have a response guarantee: if you don’t get a response to your InMail message within 7 days, LinkedIn will return that InMail credit to your account. Unused Inmail Credits will roll over and accumulate every thirty days for up to 90 days while you are a premium subscriber.

UPDATE 14-7-2010: Today, LinkedIn announced the LinkedIn Talent Finder premium account

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