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At Global Recruiting Roundtable we have collected a large number of interesting blogs related to Recruitment, Employer Branding and Human Resource Management. News and advice comes from many blogs and sites around the globe. This large collection of expert articles and international news is now available at your fingertips with our free Global Recruiting Roundtable App!

These great mobile application makes it easier and faster to read articles from leading HRM and Recruitment blogs on your smartphone. The messages are categorized into 5 or more tabs for easy browsing. This  app is FREE to use and download for:

Career Tip App (iPhone, Android & WP7)

Our most popular App is available for iPhone / iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7! Download this app if you want to read about the latest news, tips and advice from Career Coaches and Recruiters around the world, aimed at English, Dutch and German job seekers. It contains many references to online career sources.

A special section is dedicated to using LinkedIn to its full potential and support your career goals. This section complements the book ‘Career Management via LinkedIn‘, which is available in English and Dutch.

To download this FREE iPhone App, also suitable for your iPad en iPod, search for ‘Career Tip’ in the iTunes Store or visit http://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/career-tip/id386842210. Or check the Android Market. Search for ‘Career‘ or download Career for Android here. Windows Phone 7 owners visit Windows Marketplace or search for ‘Career Tip‘.

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