JobVidi – A new approach to social recruitment?

The increasing use of social media by recruiters, direct hiring firms and jobseekers is having a profound impact on how people find jobs and jobs find people. Indeed,the recent successes of social media technologies like BranchOut and Glassdoor have added further weight behind the notion that social media will eventually lead to the death of traditional job boards, much in the same way that the internet itself ultimately all-but-eliminated the classified sections (including jobs) of printed newspapers.

JobVidi is the latest innovative recruitment tool that utilises social networks to connect recruiters with job seekers. Recruiters can access their profile by logging in with LinkedIn, and can post jobs directly onto JobVidi from their LinkedIn status or Twitter feed using #jobvidi. Most recruiters will be familiar with the use of this LinkedIn feature to promote jobs to connections, as many as 70% dosage of clomid of recruiters regularly using LinkedIn use their status bar in this way, and JobVidi is the first tool to enable posting from these networks directly to a targeted group of matched candidates.

Like Jibe and BranchOut, JobVidi harnesses existing social networks to form the basis of the recruiter profile or candidate CV. Unlike these technologies, however, JobVidi is only focused on the specific relationship between the job-seeker and the individual recruiter.

When using JobVidi, candidates are able to hide sensitive information in their LinkedIn profiles to preserve their confidentiality, only revealing their full profile once they have accepted an approach for a suitable job opportunity. Candidates can also submit initial enquiries called ‘Value Requests’ to specialist recruiters – enabling individuals to find out their suitability and marketability for specific roles anonymously. By making the job search a more private experience for candidates who are concerned with having an over-elaborate LinkedIn profile or being barraged with unsolicited contact, JobVidi provides a platform for recruiters to engage with the more elusive ‘passive’ jobseeker, and will result in a new source of candidates for recruiters constantly seeking to obtain an edge over rivals.

Perhaps one of the biggest frustrations candidates face with traditional job boards is the much-famed ‘Resumé black hole’ – the large dark abyss that lies between applying for jobs and hearing back from potential employers – if you are one of the 9/10 recruiters that responds to less than 50% of all applications received, JobVidi will help you by analysing your profile to ensure that your jobs are positioned only to relevant candidates, and by sending automatic rejection messages to any unanswered applications after 14 days.

JobVidi will not launch to candidates until later this month, but recruiters are already registering with the site and posting jobs, ready to taking advantage of the imminent candidate onboarding. One other unusual feature of the JobVidi launch, is that the site will be closed for new recruiter registrations for a period from late July, enabling those ‘early adopters’ the exclusive opportunity to take advantage of engaging with what we believe will be a new and important source of candidates – which readers of this blog now be able to take advantage of.

JobVidi’s investment team has over 30 years experience managing recruitment teams and our approach has been to address the problems consultants and direct hirers encounter on daily basis. How useful are the features of this product for recruiters? And how does this compare to our competitors within the social recruitment sphere? We’re keen at this stage to get feedback from recruiters at this stage as to how we can improve our product.

James Brookner is a social recruiting enthusiast, start-up-lover and founder of JobVidi.

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