Trojan Recruiting

I really enjoy creative guerrilla marketing techniques in Recruitment. The next case comes from Jung von Matt who were looking for Art Directors. To find them they used Trojan horses: 15 well-known photographers. They show their work regularly to the best creative agencies. So they integrated small job ads in their portfolios. For example as an inscription on a bus, a graffiti on a wall or a stitchery on a pullover. In this way the photographers carried the job marketing massage precisely to our target group.

Bonus! Here’s another guerilla action from the same company, aimed at young creatives, a few years earlier:

Thanks to Christoph Fellinger for the tip! Are you missing any other guerilla recruitment campaigns in this list? Let us know and share it with us and others.

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  1. Thanks for your list!

    Here you’ll find another example

    The idea was to use filesharing sites and to place job ads in this file.