7 Official LinkedIn Infographics

Here’s a collection of the official LinkedIn infographics with facts, figures and stats by the LinkedIn Analytics team.

1) Annual job promotions

Does the best time to be promoted vary around the world? LinkedIn used the data of millions of its international members and confirms that January is the most popular month for promotions. In the US, while January is the top month for promotions, the spread throughout the year is more uniform than the global average.

2) What’s in a Professional name?

Are some names more successful than others? Is your name influencing your career? Or are both your career and choice of name influenced by factors like personality and values? Any attempt to explore these questions would need some cold, hard data. LinkedIn is the perfect place to start.

3) The top names that are over-represented among CEOs.

An infographic by the LinkedIn Analytics team.

4) Sequencing the startup DNA

What makes entrepreneurs different, and where do they come from? Are they born or taught? Are they unusually mobile in their careers? Does geography play a role? Do mentors and relationships matter? By sifting through more than 120 million public profiles, LinkedIn analyzed tens of thousands of startup founders’ profiles – and found common threads linking their careers.

5) Who are the savviest networkers?

The overall result in the US is that men are overall more savvy networkers than women, but the real insights start to surface when you start slicing and dicing by industry and company.  Check out this infographic below highlighting some main insights.

6) Office pet peeves

Whether it be the empty coffee pot or the gum-smacking intern, the laundry list of office pet peeves is getting longer and longer with people not taking ownership for their actions having the distinction of hitting the number one spot in LinkedIn’s global survey of most irritating office pet peeves.

7) 100 million LinkedIn members

LinkedIn reached a major milestone on 22nd of March 2011: 100 million professionals worldwide. They’re growing at roughly one million new LinkedIn members every week, the equivalent of a professional joining the site at faster than one member per second. Here are some more interesting facts and figures about LinkedIn:

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