LinkedIn member profile widget: pimp your website or blog

Widgets are basic visual building blocks which, combined in an application, hold all the data processed by the application and the available interactions on this data. small software programs or code that can be integrated into websites or blogs (source: Wikipedia]. LinkedIn offers such a plugin, in javascript code, which can be used to display a short personal profile when you click on the IN-logo:

LinkedIn Profile Widget Jacco

By hovering or clicking on the IN-logo, a pop-up window appears that contains a short LinkedIn profile with the information of a specific member. Test it yourself and get the code for this Member Profile Widget here to include it on your personal or company website.

In the above example, the code is:

<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>
<script type=”IN/MemberProfile” data-id=”” data-format=”hover” data-text=”Jacco Valkenburg“></script>

About Jacco Valkenburg

Jacco Valkenburg is an international recruitment expert, trainer and author (5 books). He has more than 20 years experience in global recruitment strategies and execution spanning numerous countries for leading companies. As founder of Recruiter University and Recruit2 he provides companies with recruitment training and consultancy. His mission is helping companies ‘from good to great staffing’.


  1. Glenn

    Where have you implemented this feature?

  2. It was implemented on my old (IPRC) website but this is not live anymore. I only kept the screenshot 🙂