Jobs for Technicians are the most difficult to fill

ManpowerGroup’s 2011 Annual Talent Shortage Survey surveyed nearly 40,000 employers in 39 countries and territories to discover that more than one third (34%) of employers globally are reporting difficulty finding the talent they need to fill positions. This is a 3% increase over 2010 and the highest percentage since 2007, just before the global recession hit.

The most difficult jobs to fill in 2011:

  1. Technicians
  2. Sales Representatives
  3. Skilled Trades Workers
  4. Engineers
  5. Laborers
  6. Management/Executives
  7. Accounting and Finance Staff
  8. IT Staff
  9. Production Operators
  10. Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Administrative Assistants and Office Support Staff

The problem is most acute in Japan (80%), India (67%), Brazil (57%), Australia and Taiwan (both at 54%). Indeed, organizations are feeling the impact of this imbalance. ManpowerGroup research finds that 57% of employers who are having difficulty filling jobs believe the vacancies have a negative impact on customers, investors or other key constituents. The sixth annual survey also explored why employers are facing talent challenges and what they are doing to mitigate the situation.

Visit the ManpowerGroup Research Center to download the complete results report.

About Jacco Valkenburg

Jacco Valkenburg is an international recruitment expert, trainer and author (5 books). He has more than 20 years experience in global recruitment strategies and execution spanning numerous countries for leading companies. As founder of Recruiter University and Recruit2 he provides companies with recruitment training and consultancy. His mission is helping companies ‘from good to great staffing’.

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