Facebook Like for recruiting?

The Facebook Like button was released 1 year ago and has been a great success. According to Facebook, 10.000 new websites are adding this social tool every day. More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook, including 80% of U.S. Top 100 websites and over 50% of comScore’s Global Top 100 websites.

The result of all this? Every month, more than 250 million people engage with Facebook on external websites. Moreover, a study last month by Eventbrite concluded that a “Like” is more profitable than a tweet.

And Facebook’s success hasn’t gone without notice. Google recently launched +1, its answer to Facebook’s Like button, and also LinkedIn has a Share button these days to integrate in your website.

What do you think of the Like buttons and it’s succesors? Have you integrated it into your career site? Has it helped you in your recruiting efforts? Let us know in the comments. Of course you can also Like this blog (see left menu), and keep informed about new blog postings, via our own dedicated Facebook Page!

About Jacco Valkenburg

Jacco Valkenburg is an international recruitment expert, trainer and author (5 books). He has more than 20 years experience in global recruitment strategies and execution spanning numerous countries for leading companies. As founder of Recruiter University and Recruit2 he provides companies with recruitment training and consultancy. His mission is helping companies ‘from good to great staffing’.

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