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Lounge Google Taipei Office

Lounge Google Taipei Office

I recently wrote about the importance of work location and showing your workplace on your (career)site. Transparency is everywhere, except when it comes to workplaces. Because people spend a lot of time at work it’s important to find a nice workplace. And for this, you want to taste the workplace experience. But corporate websites and job vacancies just don’t deliver.

Meet Amsterdam based The Elevator Pitch of WOVOX is a Facebook, Youtube, Flickr,, and Wikipedia, sitting down in a bar, having drinks and a laugh, brainstorming about workplaces.

This website lets people show workplaces the way they really are through pictures, videos and reviews. It gives potential customers, partners and job seekers an authentic impression of the companies they’re interested in. Of course, it’s a free and open platform. Both companies and individuals can share their workplace.

What a great idea! I love it. Have a look at Below is an example of Vodafone head office in Portugal.

Hallway Vodafone building

This is the place to work!

Vodafone Porto building


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