Mobile App to help you through the job interview process

Monster Worldwide has launched already popular iPhone and iPad Apps and, more recently, an Android App as an extension of their website. They are now further expanding their mobile suite further with the Interviews app* as the “ultimate tool to help you through the job interview process“. This step-by-step guide provides advice and coaching through every stage of a job interview, including:

  • Expert advice and practical resources that will help you prepare to do your best
  • All the tools, tips, and reminders that you’ll need on the big day
  • A complete guide for post-interview follow-up


Each section delivers advice, useful techniques, and innovative tools that will help your candidates ace the next job interview. So what can you expect? Read the description below:

Prep for Success
Getting ready for a job interview can be a lot of work, and it helps to start early. The Pre-Interview section helps you prepare with tips, techniques, how-tos, and expert advice on everything from conducting research to asking the right questions and follow-up etiquette. No matter what your experience level is, you can:

  • Organize upcoming interviews and save pertinent information
  • Research the companies and people you’re interviewing with
  • Practice interviewing skills and prepare to answer difficult interview questions
  • Record your answers to tough interview questions with video, audio, or even text responses (video only with iPhone 4 and iPad 2)
  • Create your best interview outfit with expert tips about dressing for success
  • Organize notes, important tasks, and schedule reminders as you approach interview day

Be Your Best on the Big Day
Go into your interview with confidence and focus. The Interview Day section includes:

  • Pre-interview research, last-minute tips, and brain exercises to warm up your mind
  • A search feature that lets you find local resources such as coffee shops, cleaners, and printers
  • A map feature that provides driving directions to your interview location
  • A “How Do I Look?” option, which turns the front-facing camera into a mirror (only with iPhone 4 and iPad 2)

Sealing the Deal with Flawless Follow-Up
Okay, so you’ve aced the interview. Now what? The Post-Interview section gives you everything you need to continue making your best impression after the interview ends.

  • Quickly record any critical thoughts and pieces of key information with the “Before I Forget…” tool
  • Recap the meeting while it’s still fresh in your mind with the “Interview Debrief” tool
  • Get tips on writing the perfect thank-you note
  • Set follow-up reminders so you won’t forget those important last steps
  • Access must-read advice on negotiating your salary

What do you think? Will you promote this app to your candidates?

*only available in the US iTunes Store at this moment

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