Tip: Refine your LinkedIn search on 147 industries

LinkedIn AnswersWhen you conduct a People (Advanced) Search it’s often useful to narrow down your search results on a specific industry. For you as a job seeker, it’s useful to search for decision makers in companies that you prefer or to network with people who currently doing your dream job. This option is widely used by Recruiters to find the ‘ideal’ candidate so it’s important that you select the best matching industry.

LinkedIn categorises people in 147 industries (17 main). This list is not visible in one view, which makes it a bit difficult to select the best one. To help you with this, please find below all industries.

Full list of all LinkedIn Industries

* Agriculture
o Farming
o Ranching
o Dairy
o Fishery

* Arts
o Motion Pictures and Film
o Museums and Institutions
o Fine Art
o Performing Arts
o Design
o Arts and Crafts
o Music
o Photography
o Graphic Design

* Construction
o Construction
o Building Materials
o Architecture & Planning
o Civil Engineering

* Consumer Goods
o Cosmetics
o Apparel & Fashion
o Sporting Goods
o Tobacco
o Supermarkets
o Food Production
o Consumer Electronics
o Consumer Goods
o Furniture
o Retail
o Wholesale
o Import and Export
o Wine and Spirits
o Luxury Goods & Jewelry

* Corporate
o Management Consulting
o Marketing and Advertising
o Market Research
o Public Relations and Communications
o Staffing and Recruiting
o Professional Training & Coaching
o Security and Investigations
o Facilities Services
o Outsourcing/Offshoring
o Human Resources
o Business Supplies and Equipment

* Educational
o Primary/Secondary Education
o Higher Education
o Education Management
o Research
o E-Learning

* Finance
o Banking
o Insurance
o Financial Services
o Real Estate
o Investment Banking
o Investment Management
o Accounting
o Venture Capital & Private Equity
o Commercial Real Estate
o Capital Markets

* Government
o Military
o Legislative Office
o Judiciary
o International Affairs
o Government Administration
o Executive Office
o Law Enforcement
o Public Safety
o Public Policy
o Political Organization
o Government Relations

* High Tech
o Defense & Space
o Computer Hardware
o Computer Software
o Computer Networking
o Internet
o Semiconductors
o Telecommunications
o Information Technology and Services
o Nanotechnology
o Computer & Network Security
o Wireless

* Legal
o Law Practice
o Legal Services
o Alternative Dispute Resolution

* Manufacturing
o Aviation & Aerospace
o Automotive
o Chemicals
o Machinery
o Mining & Metals
o Oil & Energy
o Shipbuilding
o Utilities
o Textiles
o Paper & Forest Products
o Railroad Manufacture
o Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
o Plastics
o Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
o Renewables & Environment
o Glass, Ceramics & Concrete
o Packaging and Containers
o Industrial Automation

* Media
o Broadcast Media
o Newspapers
o Publishing
o Printing
o Writing and Editing
o Online Media
o Media Production
o Animation

* Medical
o Biotechnology
o Medical Practice
o Hospital & Health Care
o Pharmaceuticals
o Veterinary
o Medical Devices
o Health, Wellness and Fitness
o Alternative Medicine
o Mental Health Care

* Non-profit
o Consumer Services
o Non-Profit Organization Management
o Fund-Raising
o Program Development
o Think Tanks
o Philanthropy
o International Trade and Development

* Recreational
o Entertainment
o Gambling & Casinos
o Leisure, Travel & Tourism
o Hospitality
o Restaurants
o Sports
o Food & Beverages
o Recreational Facilities and Services
o Computer Games
o Events Services

* Service
o Information Services
o Libraries
o Environmental Services
o Individual & Family Services
o Religious Institutions
o Civic & Social Organization
o Translation and Localization

* Transportation
o Package/Freight Delivery
o Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
o Warehousing
o Airlines/Aviation
o Maritime
o Logistics and Supply Chain

Check also your colleagues on LinkedIn which industry they selected.

About Jacco Valkenburg

Jacco Valkenburg is an international recruitment expert, trainer and author (5 books). He has more than 20 years experience in global recruitment strategies and execution spanning numerous countries for leading companies. As founder of Recruiter University and Recruit2 he provides companies with recruitment training and consultancy. His mission is helping companies ‘from good to great staffing’.


  1. Thank you SO much for this. Very helpful.

    Do you have a list like this of all the Locations on the LinkedIn advanced search? It can also not be viewed as one.

    Thanks again for such a helpful post.

  2. @Marshall Sure, I had to dig a bit deeper in the source code of LinkedIn but found all 242 (+1 other) countries including their codes. You can find the complete listing in this new blog posting.

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