NEW at LinkedIn: The Resume Builder

LinkedIn Labs launches the possibility to make a ‘personal’ document based on your LinkedIn profile to use it as a downloadable Resume as you like it and make it visible to who-ever you decide. You could already use your ‘public profile address’ to share your LinkedIn profile with others, eg. in your emails or on your business card.

With the Resume Builder LinkedIn gives you the opportunity the make a ‘tailor-made’ profile. You’ll find this new tool on

You can choose between 11 templates, eg. Business, Law and Blue. Of course within the template you can make a choice, which sections of your LinkedIn profile you want to use. So you can choose if you want to use your picture or specialties to be published with it or not. Each version you can preview on your screen and save in a folder.

The next step is to choose the ‘Visibility Options’ and decide who in particular can have a look on this ‘tailor-made’ Resume.

You can ‘store’ and manage all your different types of Resume’s, share it online or print the PDF-document on paper.. And use them when and wherever you think is appropriate.

Be aware: As a career coach I see to often LinkedIn profiles which are incomplete. For example, you specified that you have worked at a company a certain number of years but it doesn’t tell what you did in the job and what your results were. Check out all our tips in the book ‘Careermanagement via LinkedIn’ to make the full use of your LinkedIn profile and the Resume Builder in finding vacancies or to be found for a new job by recruiters and your network.

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  1. Erik

    The resume builder is smart but is better (also with LinkedIn import) as it give me a full CV – more than one CV option, privacy control and net profiles with a password – and I separate between relationship network and people whom I share my CV with Erik

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