10 Twitter Myths and 10 Twitter Facts

Myth #1: Twitter isn’t my cup of tea

Using Twitter is easy. If Britney can do it, anyone can. Originally meant to be a micro-blogging tool, Twitter has grown into this multi-purpose platform. A platform that can be used for sharing information, for building a network, for communicating and for doing the craziest of things. The possibilities are endless.

Myth #2: Twitter is a waste of time

How much time does is take to post 140 characters? Because that is all you need to initiate a conversation on Twitter. Twitter is a one-of-a-kind social networking platform which doesn’t entertain long-winded conversation. On Twitter, Short is sweet. Twitter, like any other social network, needs to used in a responsible manner. You can’t go berserk on one day and then remain mute for a month. Balance is the key word. Given the right amount of time Twitter can work wonders for your business

Myth #3: There is a ‘Right’ way to use Twitter

Everybody(including us) will tell you how to use Twitter. But how you use it depends only on: You(duh!) What works for one individual or business might prove disastrous for another. Some audiences respond to a certain style of tweeting and even that preference changes over time.

Myth #4: Twitter will solve all problems

Twitter isn’t a magic lamp. Good things won’t happen to you by simply signing up for Twitter. Like any business initiative it needs time, practice and patience. Also, since it is difficult to measure the immediate benefits of using Twitter, a little faith helps too.

Myth #5: “It is just a chat room. That is so 90s.”

There are people who use Twitter as a chat room. Then there are people who use Twitter to find interesting links. Then there are people who use Twitter to share information. Then there are.. Well, you get the drift.

Myth #6: A Tweet is just a Facebook Status update

For starters, most of your friends on Facebook are people you know while majority of your followers/friends on Twitter are strangers who don’t care about Jessica’s latest hairstyle. So, Twitter is a great place to connect with people whom you’d otherwise not have met while Facebook is a great place to re- connect with people you’d have otherwise forgotten.
Facebook status updates are just that. Status Updates. They can be seen by your friends but they are not searchable. Your tweets on the other hand, are searchable. They are indexed by search engines and can be found. Be afraid, be very afraid. 😉

Myth #7: I don’t know anyone on Twitter

So what? If you are feeling lonely on Twitter, follow interesting people. Follow your favorite brands, celebrities, people who live in your area or who like the things that you like. Twitter is one of those networks that lets you protect your anonymity and lets you interact with strangers at the same time. Put this to good use. Make some new friends or find some new followers!

Myth #8: On Twitter, Number of Followers matters. The larger the number, the greater the influence.

Having thousands of followers on Twitter means thing unless they care about what you say, retweet your stuff and bother to interact from time to time. Plus the greater the number, the crazier your Twitter timeline gets. So it is better to limit yourself to a manageable, targeted list of followers and friends than go for an army of dummies.

Myth #9: Making money from Twitter is easy

Twitter can help you find people who are interested in your product and can help you engage your customers but making money from it is a daunting task. However, it can facilitate conversation between you and your prospective customers, can help in lead-generation and address grievances. To cut a long story short, Twitter can help you make money but not without a lot of effort, patience and perseverance.

Myth #10: The Tenth fact of Twitter is that ‘There are no Facts’

Everything that you hear/read about Twitter is mere opinion. There is no ‘right’ way of using it. There are no ‘best’ practices. There are no ‘rules’.
Source: www.effectworks.com

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