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For some time I’ve been mentioning that Social News is the next step in the evolution of the Internet. With Social News I do not mean platforms such as Digg or Delicious. These websites have existed for years and are often associated by this term. No, I mean REAL Social News. News that comes to you instead of you the news, thanks to the online network you already have (and not by building a separate list of interesting people on Digg).

Thomas Baekdal describes the concept of Social News as:

Social news is quickly taking over our need for staying up-to-date with what goes on in the world. News is no longer being reported by journalists, now it comes from everyone. And it is being reported directly from the source to you – bypassing the traditional media channels.

But social news is much more than that. It is increasingly about getting news directly from the people who makes it. Instead of having a journalist reporting what some analyst are saying, you hear it from the analyst herself. Social news is about getting news from the source, directly, and unfiltered.

Recently there are a couple of great tools (these are not social platforms) that make Social News becoming a reality by providing a better user experience:

The basis of this personal daily news is Twitter. Once again, this shows again the importance of this micro-blogging site as the information resource of the future. Note that of these 3 tools only Flipbook includes news from my social network within Facebook.

These tools analyze the message flow of the people I follow and show the most relevant topics sorted by popularity. For Recruiters social news tools can add value by keeping track of current news relevant to your audience (which you are following). Use it to your advantage in the proactive approach of candidates!

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Jacco Valkenburg is an international recruitment expert, trainer and author (5 books). He has more than 20 years experience in global recruitment strategies and execution spanning numerous countries for leading companies. As founder of Recruiter University and Recruit2 he provides companies with recruitment training and consultancy. His mission is helping companies ‘from good to great staffing’.

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