Applicant Tracking / Recruitment (ATS) research shows great improvements in using stand-alone software

End 2009 research was conducted in 164 Australian organisations with over 500 employees, representing a total of over 730,000 employees, about their Human Resources Information System (HRIS). The responses have been collated in the “Navigo Australian HR Tech Report 2010” (free copy to download).

Over 70% of enterprise-level organisations in Australia use a HRIS. Not surprisingly is that larger organisations are more likely to adopt a human resources information system. The larger an organisation is, the more HR solutions are technology-enabled as part of the organisation’s HRIS.

Interesting fact is that Applicant tracking / recruitment ATS stands-out as the solution area where organisations most commonly adopt stand-alone systems i.e. best-of-breed solutions. HRIS-based systems were less common (like SAP HR or PeopleSoft). Applicant tracking systems are also the area with the largest differential in satisfaction amongst all the HR solution areas surveyed. Satisfied or very satisfied results for those employing stand-alone software rated 70% versus 15% for those with manual systems. So it doesn’t come as a shock, despite being the second most common, manual systems are deeply dissatisfactory compared to stand-alone software. It’s easy to conclude that organisations with manual recruiting processes will be able to achieve very noticeable improvements when adopting a stand-alone system.

System Adoption – Applicant Tracking Recruitment

System Satisfaction – Applicant Tracking Recruitment

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