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Selection 2.0: The Social Interview Case Study

You are most likely using social media for recruiting. And, according to many surveys, you are probably also using it for pre-screening applicants. But are you also using it for the selection of candidates? Digital Advertising Agency R/GA wanted to try a new kind of job interview: The Social Interview. They asked summer internship candidates to allow them to post three questions to their Facebook wall—not for them to answer, but for their friends to answer.

The results? The collective answers provided a fuller picture of the candidate, and a unique portrait of them for both R/GA and their own social network. It also stimulated media discussion outside of Facebook. With thousands of answers posted, they discovered some of the most young, social media savvy minds around.

What do you think? Is this selection-method just a popularity contest? Or does it really help in identifying the best or most creative students? Would you use this approach?