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Now on LinkedIn: the most discussed recruitment topics

What are the current hot topics in Recruitment? What’s being discussed by HR Managers and Recruitment Consultants? We’ve made a selection from the most popular discussions within the LinkedIn group Recruitment Consultants and Staffing Professionals. This group is dedicated to Recruiters and has almost 70.000 members which makes it one of the largest communities on LinkedIn.

Most Popular Discussions

1) Do recruiters actually read cover letters? What is your experience?

A recruiter with over 20 years of experience tells you what he wants – and doesn’t want – to read on a cover letter. How do you handle cover letters when recruiting? Do you read them?

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2) What differentiates an average Recruitment Consultant from an outstanding Recruitment Consultant?

I am very interested to get input from your experiences of observing great consultants or by being one yourself and knowing what they or you do differently that separates the good from the average. I know this is a broad question and it can be what they believe or values they have, what they say, think or do – anything that for you makes the difference.

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3) Where do you go from Recruitment?

Every day I speak with people looking to get out of Recruitment Consultancy and Sales but besides moving into an internal role … which careers naturally lend themselves to ex-recruiters?

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4) Is it legal to advise a candidate that his clothes and haircut are inappropriate for a specific client?

Although an uncomfortable discussion, I have always thought it was acceptable.

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5) What is the best and most insightfil interview question you know?

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6) You get an offer by your client for your applicant, they accept and then unfortunately your candidate is counter offered by his current employer, is this acceptable?

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7) Are firms still using recruitment consulting firms and staffing agencies to fill positions, or is this a thing of the past?